Full-service Strategic Marketing

Lightning Impact.

Striking Results.

Want to know you’re implementing the right marketing strategies and then see the data to prove it? Work with a strategic agency hyper-focused on helping you realize both. 


Today’s marketplace is a stormy mess, filled with clutter, chaos, and random fluctuations. Companies need a clear understanding of their position, their target, and how they want to grow. Pretty logos and flashy websites alone won’t get you there.

AMPED raises the temperature by increasing the torque and power of your brand. Our full-service agency helps mid-market brands grow faster with proven strategies and meticulous execution, preventing lost time and wasteful spending.

A Stroke of Genius

Flashes of lightning originate inside a storm cloud. For AMPED, this cloud is our think tank of results-obsessed, ROI-minded, strategic growth experts. Our team includes brand activation and tactical marketing specialists who then execute comprehensive growth strategies for our clients.

We help companies establish an authoritative voice, create impactful visuals, and develop intelligent strategies that produce real results — with honest numbers to back it all up.

Start with the right strategy, always.   

One-of-a-Kind On Purpose

One-size-fits-all is for beanies and stretchy pants, not marketing strategies. AMPED’s robust suite of data-driven branding and marketing services is customized to your company’s unique goals and needs — creating the spark your brand needs to achieve your business goals.

We focus on strategies that get positive, measurable results:


Branding and brand strategy


Content creation and delivery


Digital marketing and media


Organic and branded SEO


Pricing and go-to-market strategy


Customer experience and advocacy


Event marketing and management

What Can AMPED Do for You?

If you say “yes” to any of these situations, we should talk:


You’ve tried marketing tactics that fell short of expectations


You struggle to communicate the value of what you provide to your potential customers


Your brand operates in an industry outside the mainstream


You want to move your brand beyond the status quo to be remarkable.


Your non-cookie-cutter business demands a customized marketing strategy


You’ve been disappointed by unfulfilled promises of other marketing agencies

The AMPED Difference

Different isn’t always better, but the same is never better. The best way to harness potential is to create order and make a plan. We’ve found disruption without discipline only creates detours. So, here’s what sets AMPED apart:

It’s Go Time

Our process begins with a deep-dive assessment of your entire brand to lay the foundation for your unique viable marketing strategy.

Game Plan

The first 90 days, while we're architecting your strategy, we'll launch a STRIKE plan (Short-Term Results In Kinetic Energy) to jump-start progress.

The bigger picture

Every brand and marketing strategy we build includes at least two initiatives that don't require you to spend anything with us.


Our senior strategy team hosts a 360° review of your account every quarter to collaborate on strategic direction and innovative recommendations.


We communicate regularly and transparently with our clients, sharing what is going well, what we are testing or learning, and what needs improvement.

Maximum Momentum.

Like a bolt of lightning, we concentrate massive energy into quick results for our clients. We’re fast and impactful — and, like you, we love to win!