Is it possible to bottle lightning?

At AMPED, we say absolutely yes!

AMPED is different.

We operate in an industry where trust is low and results are slow — or missing altogether. We use growth strategies that have been proven time and time again to be effective, but are customized to each client’s needs. We provide transparent data to show you exactly what’s working … as well as what isn’t. And we practice open and direct communication so your team is always in the know.

From deep-dive assessments and growth planning to content creation and design, AMPED offers a full slate of marketing services that win, repeatedly.

(If lightning were a punctuation mark, this is where we’d put it.)

Comprehensive Strategies

AMPED is a team of experts who know precisely what it takes to create and sustain successful marketing. We’re a collective of subject matter experts in digital marketing, SEO, web design, project management, content creation, graphic design, and branding with countless hours of experience in their fields — and a hefty portfolio of success stories.


Brand and brand strategy


Content creation and delivery


Digital marketing and media


Organic and branded SEO


Customer advocacy strategy


Pricing and go-to-market strategy


Event marketing and management

Teaming Up

Our agency’s leadership goes the extra mile to find accomplished individuals who genuinely care about helping others succeed. We hire only talented, focused team players. (Jerks, divas, and bystanders need not apply.)

By the Numbers

One of the biggest complaints brands have about marketing is that it’s all flash and no cash. Yet the whole point of marketing is to make money, not to wonder where in the heck it’s going.

At AMPED, we believe that results are everything.

You should see a return on your marketing investment, and we’re always ready to share forthright and accurate information every step of the way. Our clients know exactly how their efforts are performing and are never left in the dark. 

With AMPED, you get the sizzle and the substance — along with transparent data and reporting to show you how your sales and marketing strategies are working.

Need for Speed

AMPED also understands that there’s no time to waste. We’ve built an internal project management system that allows our team to be quick and agile. We’re fast but accurate. And we want our clients to begin seeing results as quickly as possible.

We don’t wait around for lightning to strike; we work hard to make it happen again and again.

Pure Energy.

Like a bolt of lightning, we concentrate massive energy into quick results for our clients. We’re fast and impactful — and, like you, we love to win!