We call it the AX3 process, and it works. 

Our Proven Process

When you work with AMPED, you can take advantage of a proven, straightforward, and highly effective strategic marketing planning process. (Put simply, it works, and we do all the heavy lifting for you.)

It’s AX3 because each of the three phases starts with A – Assessment, Architecture, and Activation. It’s an expedited, step-by-step approach that digs deep into your brand to identify the best growth opportunities.

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It Works Like This.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

During this discovery and evaluation phase, our senior strategy team works alongside your key stakeholders to discern and define your overarching strategic objectives. We assess your ideal brand positioning, market perceptions, and competitive landscape.

This step allows the AMPED team to hit the fast-forward button on a brand marketing strategy, limiting the time spent on trial and error. At the end of the assessment, you get a comprehensive document that identifies opportunities and challenges for your brand.

Once all brand insights and data have been established, AMPED’s strategy team prioritizes the opportunities and develops a marketing strategy to achieve your short-term and long-term strategic brand objectives. In other words, a smart plan of action designed for growth.

In this phase, you’ll get an easy-to-follow strategic roadmap that includes the development or verification of the brand identity, positioning, ideal client/customer profiles, voice and tone, core messaging, and design elements. It also includes a timeline of the marketing and promotion campaigns, initiatives, and projects required and the key performance indicators used to measure success.

With a comprehensive strategy in place, we jump straight into putting your plan to work. We bring the rest of our team on board to develop the tactics that will fulfill the strategy requirements. Then we’ll assign these actions to the people who can make them happen — your organization’s marketers, external partners, or our internal team.

You’ll know exactly what to expect, who’s responsible for every step, and when you should start seeing results. And, speaking of results, you’ll receive regular updates on the progress of your strategy with transparent data and consistent follow-through.

Let the AX3 Process Work for You.

Put simply, our AX3 process works. It’s a clear and efficient method for aligning your brand’s strengths with the audiences who need them the most. The goal is to get results … and get them sooner rather than later.

Discover how AMPED can assess, architect, and activate your next marketing strategy for meeting your brand’s growth goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.