At AMPED, we believe in winning…and scoreboards.

Marketing Results That Win

If making sales is like scoring a touchdown, then marketing efforts are the plays that advance your team down the field.

We work alongside your organization to assess your brand’s strengths and develop a strategic game plan with smart tactics that keep the ball moving in the right direction.

Night basketball game on rooftop lit with neon lights

Results, Results, Results

When you can’t prove the payoff of your marketing efforts, it feels like throwing money out the window.

If marketing gets a bad rap these days, it’s likely because companies have spent a lot of money on promotions and random tactics that fail to produce a measurable return on their investment.

That’s why AMPED creates one-of-a-kind strategies that produce profitable, quantifiable marketing results. Whether you’re aiming to generate leads, gain market share, expand your market, or grow your customer base, we can help you design and maintain a plan with successful outcomes.

How Does AMPED Measure Marketing Results?

While old-school, traditional marketing methods can serve as building blocks for reach and awareness goals, today’s digital marketing landscape offers extensive opportunities to track and quantify what’s working.

Combined with a winning strategy, measurable marketing results are foundational to a brand’s growth and success. Here are just a few of the metrics we use to calculate the status and progress of our clients’ campaigns:

Website Traffic

The number of visitors to your website this month, last month, last year, this month last year, new users, returning users, how many times the same user was around, click-through rates, traffic sources, etc. — site traffic data as deep as you want it to get.

Leads Generated

The number of people who have expressed interest in your product or service by sending their info through the website via form or email list opt-in, or making a phone call through our integrated tracking numbers to your site.

Sales and Lead Values

We help qualify leads and, when they convert, estimate the lifetime value of enabling direct visibility on how marketing contributes to the generation of specific leads and ultimately to the ROI.

Brand Awareness

The percentage of people who are familiar with your brand and what it has to offer.

Customer Satisfaction

We help you gather customer feedback to see how your brand is performing in the wild and what it can do to be better.

Move Your Brand Up and to the Right

Work with a marketing agency that genuinely cares about your success. We’re with you from day one to enact a strategy that delivers.


AMPED helps you set clear goals for your marketing campaigns.


We track the right metrics. Click-through rates? Conversions? Leads? We help you choose the best measurements.


Our team tracks your results over time. If something’s not working, we make adjustments along the way.


Analyze, rinse, repeat. With the right strategy and tactics, you’ll see marketing results that you’ll want to see again and again.

If you don’t win, we don’t win…and that’s the way it should be. 

Get busy. 

Like a bolt of lightning, we concentrate massive energy into quick results for our clients. We’re fast and impactful — and, like you, we love to win!