We’ve assembled marketing experts with quality experience & proven results.

Always strategy before tactics.  

Reaching a target audience with a compelling proposition can be challenging for any brand. It requires well-thought-out strategies, irresistible content, extensive coordination, agile execution, and a toolbox of models and methods to deploy. 

Harness the power of think-tank strategists supported by a team of energetic marketing execution specialists.

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Marketing Strategies With Clear, Measurable Results

Our team of marketing strategists has extensive experience helping companies create uniquely tailored plans that make it simple for you to see exactly what’s working and also, what’s not.


Crystalize your brand’s strengths


Communicate the essential elements


Clarify the audiences most likely to buy from you


Create and implement a step-by-step plan of action


Collect data that shows exactly how your marketing is performing

How AMPED helps

We’ll never know more about your brand or your industry than you. But, our team will listen carefully to what you want, where you want to go, and where you are now to help extract the insights required to architect a scalable strategy. Then, we become advocates and allies in your efforts to grow your business as quickly — and as effectively — as possible.

Meet the AMPED Strategy Team

From blue-chip firms to non-cookie-cutter start-ups, AMPED’s marketing strategy experts have a record of success in scaling brands.

Jamie Shaver headshot

Jamie Shaver

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie has an excellent track record of producing and marketing brands for a diverse range of clients over the last 25 years, including working with NFL teams, national brands, and enigmatic brands that experienced difficulty in communicating their message consistently and profitably. Her expertise in both marketing and sales creates a combination that allows her to quickly identify additional streams of revenue and execute these ideas to generate positive results.

Kevin Miller headshot

Kevin Miller

Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin is an industry-leading brand and growth strategist who helps brands scale their products, services, and processes. In addition to decades of product development, marketing, and sales experience, he has owned and led his own companies where he refined his strategic principles and operational execution framework. He has extensive experience with educational content and curriculum development, thought leadership establishment, and activation marketing strategies.

Michaelene Mastrocola headshot

Michaelene Mastrocola

Brand Management

Michaelene (or Mikie, as we affectionately call her) is the guardian of brand integrity, ensuring brand touchpoints with target audiences are aligned with the strategy. She brings her brand management experience to you from major consumer product brands including Huggies diapers, Ban antiperspirant, Nautica luggage, and ScentSicles scented ornaments. She also worked with The Home Depot Store Support Center developing key store brands including Husky tools, Hampton Bay lighting, Martha Stewart Living, Vigoro, Home Accent Holiday, and more. In addition to her brand experience, Mikie began her career on the agency side in client services prior to obtaining her MBA from the Ohio State University.

Vanessa Workoff headshot

Vanessa Workoff

Creative Director

Vanessa, the visionary creative director at AMPED, is all about crafting the perfect visual story through graphic design, photography, and illustration. With a diverse background, her creative arsenal is nothing short of extraordinary. Vanessa honed her craft over a remarkable 14+ years in the agency world, serving a wide-ranging clientele including industry giants like GNC, Heinz, and Highmark, as well as crafting many unique brands for small to mid-size clients. Her passion for giving back shines her dedication to sharing her talents with various non-profit initiatives across the Pittsburgh area. Nothing stands in her way when it comes to elevating the aesthetics, ambiance, and visual messaging of every project she touches.

Jeff White headshot

Jeff White

Content and Product Strategy Director

Jeff has more than 10,000 hours of experience writing and shaping creative content for a broad spectrum of products and audiences. He’s written thousands of blog posts, video scripts, and other marketing materials for a long list of successful brands including Healthy Choice, Sunkist, Del Monte, and AT&T. Jeff was the lead creative for the development and launch of more than 40 new products, has authored 25 books, was the creator of an innovative mobile video game and a patented family conversation device.

Kristen Colwell headshot

Kristen Colwell

Digital Marketing Director

Kristen has spent 20 years helping brands grow their businesses online. From her early work in website usability and customer focus group testing to her recent work in blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrency, Kristen leverages reporting data to inform strategic and tactical decisions. She thrives on the cutting edge of digital marketing innovation and insights. Leading our digital marketing team, she leverages the latest tools and methodologies to help our clients gain a competitive advantage in their performance.

Put energy behind your growth.

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