Loss Prevention Research Council

The Opportunity

The Loss Prevention Research Council does truly amazing work. They’re research scientists who focus on finding newer and better ways to prevent retail crime — shoplifting, fraud, etc. They’ve even developed ways to predict crime before it happens. (Not quite Minority Report, but in the neighborhood.) So the team at AMPED was eager to help them find better ways of attracting new members, solution providers, and sponsors while sharing their findings with the rest of the world.

The Goal

The LPRC team partnered with AMPED to revamp their organization’s identity, website, events marketing, and communication strategy to help their brand match the superior quality of their groundbreaking work. As an operation that works with the biggest retail brands in the world, the LPRC had an opportunity to take a giant leap forward in how they communicate themselves in and outside their industry. The project involved a re-imagining of their image and messaging to new levels of professionalism and effectiveness.

The Results

AMPED’s deep dive into the LPRC’s complex ecosystem and communication needs resulted in new brand messaging, identity, website, event marketing collateral, and organizational framework. This simplified framework made it easier to understand and provided a more effective platform for more compelling messaging, sophisticated visual elements, and intuitive design. With clear messaging, marketing, and CTA’s in place, the LPRC is growing in key three metrics: new members, solutions providers, and sponsors.

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